Dr. Terry Garcia


It was listening to and trusting her inner innate voice that Dr. Terry Garcia was led to Chiropractic. Her chiropractic journey started while working as a chiropractic assistant in Lubbock, TX after graduating from Texas Tech. She was educated on the chiropractic philosophy and marveled at the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself. She was able to witness the miracles of transformation and healing taking place within practice members and instantly fell in love with Chiropractic. This led to her following her heart and moving to Dallas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic where she received her doctorate degree.

Dr. Terry is a Webster Technique certified chiropractor and has had extensive training in pediatric and prenatal/perinatal care and is a frequent guest speaker on the Parker campus.

Chiropractic ignites a passion deep inside of her. This is a passion for growth, healing and a reconnection of people to their true essence. Her heart’s desire is to serve with love, and to inspire others to take responsibility for their health while awakening them to their best self. She is passionate about serving families who seek greater health, and her focus is on unlocking the potential for true health and healing within each individual, through gentle and specific chiropractic care.

When not in the office working alongside her husband, Dr. Mark, Dr. Terry loves spending time with her kids, yoga, and salsa dancing. She looks forward to serving and connecting with you and your family!

Dr. Mark Scott


Dr. Scott grew up the oldest of four boys in Flower Mound, TX. Having three younger brothers sparked his passion of caring for kids. One of his brothers suffered from chronic asthma for most of his childhood. After countless emergency room trips in the middle of the night, endless prescription medications, and the too familiar look of panic on his brother’s face when he couldn’t breathe, Dr. Scott knew even at a young age that there had to be a better way. It was at this point he knew he wanted to help other kids realize their health potential; but it would be years before he learned about chiropractic and how it could have, and eventually did, help his brother.

Dr. Scott has accomplished many honors, accolades and certifications that have culminated to provide the best care possible for his practice community. Before his pre-chiropractic studies at Southern Methodist University where he graduated cum-laude, Dr. Scott was the salutatorian of his graduating class at Lewisville High School. After his rigorous pre-med education at SMU, he went on to attend Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX, one of the most elite chiropractic colleges in the nation. At Parker he continued his academic success, graduating cum-laude yet again. Since achieving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he has continued his education and training and is currently a Certified Webster Chiropractor; a certification of the utmost importance for the care of pregnant moms.

Despite their accomplishments, Dr. Terry and Dr. Scott still continuously seek additional knowledge and training that will ensure the next generation of children have a vision of health and wellness that is far beyond what we currently have today.

Dr. Scott has the awesome privilege to work with the love of his life every day, and practice members might even see their children Parker (10) and Lili (9) from time to time at the office. He is an avid outdoorsman; enjoying fishing, camping, hiking and boating to name a few. Dr. Scott, Dr. Terry and the kids love to bike ride, take trips to the park and travel as a family. Whether it’s building a sand castle at the beach or skiing in the mountains, he loves being outside and with his family.

Dr. Scott is also very much into sports, as competition always seems to bring out the best in him! Having been all-state in high school and playing some in college, football is his favorite. He’s still very much a fan of all the Dallas teams however – Go Cowboys, Rangers, Mavs and Stars!

Dr. Lindsay Robinson


Dr. Lindsay has always been fascinated with the perfect design of the human body, even at a young age. She grew up in central New Jersey where her experience as a competitive gymnast first introduced her to chiropractic. She quickly recognized the importance of regular adjustments, as they enabled the body to heal and function optimally (critical for a gymnast plagued by recurrent injuries). Dr. Lindsay’s chiropractor was a huge mentor and encouraged her to pursue a career in healthcare. She has always been drawn to serving others, especially the little ones! Throughout her high school and college years, she loved spending time with children. She coached gymnastics, volunteered at Head Start preschool programs, and worked in Children’s Ministry at her local churches.

Dr. Lindsay attended Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where she graduated magna cum laude with her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her pre-med coursework in anatomy and human development equipped her well for chiropractic school. Following graduation, she followed her family to Dallas, Texas where she enrolled at Parker University. While in school, Dr. Lindsay was the ICPA & Family Wellness Club President and an active member of Parker’s research team studying the role of chiropractic care during pregnancy. For her final clinic rotation, she was selected to serve at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Hospital, a prestigious internship that provided unique experience in handling complex cases. Among other accolades, Dr. Lindsay graduated from Parker University summa cum laude as the valedictorian of her class.

Dr. Lindsay is Webster Technique certified and has done extensive training in prenatal and pediatric care. She is a frequent guest speaker at Parker University and loves pouring into the students there. She is passionate about serving growing families and is ecstatic to join the Inner Light team!

Dr. Lindsay is busily planning her September wedding! In her free time, she loves yoga, barre classes, and window-shopping. She enjoys traveling (especially to the beach) and spending time with her fiance, friends, and family.

Alycia Bennett


Alycia moved to Fort Worth in April of 2013. A few weeks after moving, she met her future husband, Les. They went on many adventures together all over the country and decided to get married in 2015. The next year, they discovered that they would be starting their biggest adventure yet – becoming parents! Alycia began chiropractic care at Inner Light to optimize her prenatal health, and with that help, she was able to have the birth she wanted. She loved how the practice cared for her throughout pregnancy, and was elated to join the team in January 2018. In her free time, Alycia enjoys baking, watching The Office, taking naps with her baby, and taking family bike rides.

Kasi Daine

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Kasi, our Patient Experience Coordinator, moved to Fort Worth in 1999, and found her way to Fairmount in 2017.  Alongside her professional career in marketing and recruiting, she's been a portraiture & music photographer for the past 10+ years, and has been a strong supporter & promoter of the local arts & music community in Fort Worth for over 15 years.  Kasi joined the practice in November 2018, and thoroughly enjoys cuddling babies & playing with toddlers in the office! When she’s not at work, she can be found attending live concerts, playing her drums, pet-sitting for numerous neighbors in Fairmount, or dishing out advice on where to find the best corn dogs in the area.